UML supports party proposals to amend the bylaws

UML supports party proposals to amend the bylaws

The CPN UML Standing Committee meeting today approved the party’s proposal to amend the charter.

According to Party Vice-Chairman Bamdev Gautam, the meeting took place at the Tulsi Lal Memorial Fund in Lalitpur, where the document was adopted. The proposal was prepared by a working group on draft amendments to the Charter, which was coordinated by the Party’s Deputy Secretary-General and Head of the Organizational Department, Bishnu Prasad Pudel.

Sher Bahadur Tamang, Director General of the CPN UML Secretariat, said the approved document will be presented at a meeting of the Central Committee. This document proposes to repeal the regulations for Politburo members and reserve central members and move on to regulations for civil servants, standing committee members and central members.

In addition, the working group proposed a provision that the members of the Central Committee elected at the general meeting elect party officials except for the chairman and general secretary.

Similarly, it has been proposed to increase the number of central members. According to him, a central committee of 225 members was proposed. The task force also came up with the idea of ​​reducing the number of vice-chairmen and increasing the number of secretaries.

A meeting of the Central Committee is expected to approve proposals giving executive powers to regional committees. This proposal will enter into force after approval by the Central Committee.