UML Central Committee members call for leadership self-criticism

UML Central Committee members call for leadership self-criticism

Members of the UML Central Committee, which is close to the faction led by senior leader Madhav Kumar Nepal, have called on the party leadership to engage in self-criticism.

The meeting of the UML Central Committee members argued that some policy decisions taken by the party chairman and the former prime minister were wrong and the party leadership should come out to self-criticize these decisions.

The meeting held in Kathmandu till Thursday pointed out the lack of self-respect, culture of co-existence and our consciousness in the party and stressed the need to promote a culture of consensus in the days to come.

It was pointed out that the 10-point recommendations made by the party’s Dispute Resolution Task Force on July 12 were not enough to do justice to the existing intra-party feuds and more homework needs to be done. The meeting stressed the need to rebuild the party’s image.

The meeting considered that it was wrong to set the date of the party congress at the lower level by the unilateral decision of Chairman Oli.

The leaders of the standing committee are currently presenting their views in the meeting after the central committee members expressed their views.

Central Committee member Jagannatha Khatiwada said they wanted clarity on the agenda as the 10-point agreement prepared by the task force did not address all issues.

He added that the purpose of the meeting is to find meaningful and respectable unity within the party by minimizing psychological divisions and misunderstandings.